26-28 July 2019, Bristol

Thank-you from SamJam Festival

Hi Everybody,

Well we actually did it! Our first Samjam festival. Everyone tells me they had a fantastic time and certainly the bands, food, and kids activities were all great. Massive thanks to all those who helped us get this together, far too many lovely people to mention individually but I would like to send a special thank you to Craig and Rosie. We love you all.

This festival was all about raising funds for the Bristol Samaritans and just as importantly raising awareness about what the Samaritans do. Most of us hit difficult emotional times in our lives and the Samaritans offer a free, confidential, and non-judgemental ear for people who need. Listening works.

Festival Single

We have not met our financial targets and we could do with your help. We have a beautiful song (I am biased) called We will listen. Its available free on YouTube by clicking on the image below:

We are asking everyone if they can please LISTEN, DONATE, and SHARE to as many people as possible. Lets get this message out as far as we can.

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Samaritans: Who Is Sam?

The Samaritans are a purely voluntary UK organisation that offers a 24/7 service providing emotional support via phone calls, email, txt, and face to face calls to anyone suffering emotional distress.

We live in a complicated and pressured world and many of us will find a time in our lives when things look dark and difficult to manage. The Bristol Samaritans branch have over 150 non-paid volunteers who last year alone responded to 33,000 calls, 4,000 emails, and over 6,000 texts as well as meeting 520 people for face to face meetings.  Across the Samaritans service we respond to a staggering 3.5m calls, 380,000 emails, 700,000 txts, and 18,000 face to face meetings each year.

The service provides a completely confidential space for callers to talk about their feelings, emotions, and anxieties. We are not a religious organisation, we don’t judge, advise, or talk about ourselves, but we do care and aim to support our callers while they are having difficult times in their life. 

Get In Touch

Email us at: info@samjam.org